Beware of Fake Vacancy Announcements

Fake vacancy announcements have been repeatedly circulated in the name of the United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD) via non-UN websites and email imitating UN email addresses. In some cases, those correspondences falsely signed in name of non-existent officials has ensued, asking would-be applicants to part with copies of personal documents and even money. It is never part of any UN / UNCRD policy to ask for any fees or money transfer in any stage of its recruitment process. We sincerely request you to be extra vigilant about these unreliable sources that use the name of UN / UNCRD to circulate or spread such fake news and take most appropriate action.

UNCRD posts job vacancies of internationally recruited staff on UN Careers and, in cases of vacancy announcement of local staff, it posts on the vacancy announcement of UNCRD website.

Please disregard any emails, or non-UN websites, purporting to announce UNCRD job vacancies, and pass on this warning to anyone you think may be affected.

For more information, please see UN Fraud Alert.