Speaking at the "20th GIS Community Forum: SDGs Session - Initiatives to Promote the SDGs Using GIS and Accelerate Action towards 2030"



The 20th GIS Community Forum was organised by ESRI Japan Users Association on 18-19 May 2023. Mr. Kazushige Endo, Director of UNCRD, participated and spoke at the SDGs Session “Initiatives to promote SDGs using GIS and accelerate action towards 2030”, together with Prof. Norichika Kanie, Keio University, Prof. Shun Kawakubo, Hosei University and Mr. Toshihiko Ota, Mayor of Toyota City.

The first half of the session focused on past activities, initiatives, and achievements, while the second half was on how the SDGs should be addressed to accelerate actions towards the 2030 Agenda. Mr. Endo introduced UNCRD’s SDG monitoring projects for local governments and its outputs and achievement so far as well as the current work on “Japan SDG City Report 2023 (provisional)”.

A demonstration of the “SDG Monitoring Dashboards”, which visualises the progress of the SDGs using GIS, was also conducted with the cooperation of Esri Japan Corporation. A total of 370 participants attended the session both online and in-person. UNCRD had cooperated in organising this session from the planning stage. It is expected that the collaboration among the speakers will be further deepened to accelerate the SDGs.

For more information on the SDG Monitoring Dashboards at the local levels, please see below.

SDG Monitoring Dashboards (covering all the 47 prefectures in Japan)
SDG Monitoring Dashboards (covering 19 municipalities in Chubu region in Japan)