18th Global Forum on Human Settlements, 3 December 2023, Dubai, UAE, an associated event of COP-28



With the theme of Green, Fair and Smart Urban Transformation Synergistically Accelerating 1.5°C Goal and SDGs, the 18th Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS), 3 Dec 2023, was co-organized by UNCRD-DSDG/UN DESA, Global Forum on Human Settlements (GFHS), WMO, UNCTAD, and IUCN with the support of UNDRR, UNECA, OECD, European Committee of the Regions (CoR), EU, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Swedish Energy Agency (SEA), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), ENERGIES 2050, International Ocean Institute (IOI), World Ocean Council (WOC), Habitat For Humanity International (HFHI), Global Buildings Performance Network (GBPN), World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (WANGO), Dual-Carbon Industry Cooperation Branch, China Energy Research Society (DCICB, CERS), and Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, and UAE (CGCC). More than 300 participants from 40 countries joined the Conference which aimed to – (a) to facilitate productive conversation and build consensus GFHS 2023 aims to provide a valuable global platform for high level dialogue with stakeholders on innovative approaches, technologies, tools and successful experience in promoting green , fair and smart urban transformation , and build consensus; (b) to generate recommendations for the improvement of policy making as GFHS 2023 aimed to offer policy guidance and practical solutions to practical solutions to how healthy, resilient , smart, nature-positive and carbon--neutral cities should be planned, designed, financed, developed, and managed , so as to enhance safety , resilience , inclusiveness , smartness and sustainability in diverse urban systems; (c) to produce synergies and maximize the impact of partnership for the SDGs: GFHS 202 3 is designed to build synergies, strengthen the capacity building of local governments and relevant stakeholders, enhance public awareness and participation, foster innovation and substantial actions, and forge effective and long lasting partnerships; and (d) to scale up sustainable development actions at the local level : GFHS 2023 will recommend a batch of exemplary and replicable best practices to inspire and influence more cities, companies, organizations and individuals to follow suit, thereby scaling up sustainable development actions at the local level and synergistically speeding up the global race to achieve the SDGs and the climate goals. The forum discussed a number of key topics such as - green, fair and smart urban transformation: policies, technologies and practices; shape the future of energy: clean, smart, equitable and renewable; smart green building s and vertical farming; Early warnings for all to build urban resilience; sustainable waste management for circular economy and zero waste cities; nature based solutions for urban resilience and sustainability; international Green Model City Initiative towards zero carbon and zero waste cities; environmentally sustainable transport (EST) and Aichi 2030 Declaration (2021-2030); rural revitalization and sustainable tourism; and sustainable oceans and blue economy, among others. UNCRD delivered the opening remarks and moderated the thematic session on EST and Aichi 2030 Declaration (2021-2030) synergistically accelerating the SDGs and the climate goal.